Introduction - About BIS

Board of Islamic Studies (BIS) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization and is based in Karachi, Pakistan.

It was established on 23rd September 2001, by a group of dedicated young momineen. Alhamdulil'lah, we have since been conducting all our courses on time.

Aims & Objectives

1. To Spread the Ideology of Muhammad o Aal e Muhammad (a.s) in society with its true sense.
2. To provide Comprehensive Education on Islamic Beliefs in a professional environment.
3. To Facilitate Youth who are busy in their work & studies.

Organizational Structure

BIS consists of:
A) Council
B) Board
C) Associates

The board is organized into departments as follows:

"Seek the knowledge of others and also share knowledge with them."

Imam Hassan (a.s)