Program Features

The course has been designed with careful consideration to all aspects. Following are the salient features:

1. Conducted by competent Ulema & Scholars in an academic atmosphere.
2. Interactive sessions to satisfy the minds of the youth.
3. For boys, as well as girls, in a strictly Islamic environment.
4. Language medium of class is Urdu.
5. Use of multimedia and other modern aids.
6. Three centers: Soldier bazaar, FB Area and Malir, Karachi-Pakistan.
7. Once a week class, for a duration of one year.
8. Class held every Sunday from 11:00am to 1:00pm (with a 20 minutes break).
9. Course divided into 4 semesters.
10. Surprise test during each semester.
11. Assignment in each semester.
12. Semester exam, at the end of each semester.
13. Comprehensive exam, at the end of the course.
14. Grand convocation held for passing out students, with presence of families and senior students.
15. Students prepare research papers and present in the convocation.
16. Other events like Youm-e-Hussain (a.s) and seminars.
17. Organizing of recreational activities, like picnic.
18. Educational trip to IRAN.

Fee Structure:

Admission Fee: Rs.500 (One time only)

Semester: Rs.2,000 (for every three months)

Scholarship available for deserving students.

Special discount on lumpsum payment of fee.