CONGRATULATIONS! You are blessed to have enrolled in BIS 2019 - 20 batch.

Your session will start from joint Orientation class this Sunday
Date: 29th September
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: Due to weather condition venue location will be announced tomorrow (Saturday) or you may call tomorrow on our official number

Please bring following :

Admission fee: Rs. 500/-
Semester fee: Rs. 2,000/-
Bring any pending documents

Those who will submit the fee for full year, will get a special discount.

For details: 03333468272

CONGRATULATIONS! It is to inform you that you are being selected for 19th batch of BIS Refresher Program.

Your orientation class will be held on 29th September, Sunday at AL-MOHSIN HALL NEAR SOHRAB GOTH STOP at 10 am sharp.
We are delighted to see you, alongwith:

  • Rs. 500/- Admission fee
  • Rs. 2,000/- Semester fee and/or
  • Any remaining required documents.

More detail contact

Female Candidate

101Uzma BatoolSyed Ahmed Hussain ZaidiGulistan e Johar
102Iffat Zehra ZaidiSyed Azhar Imam ZaidiGulistan e Johar
103Amna AliSyed Ali AbbasGulistan e Johar
104Syeda Malika KhatoonSyed Imtiaz HussainGulistan e Johar
105Zareen FatimaSyed Muhammad TaqiGulistan e Johar
106Unsia MujtabaAli AkberSoldier Bazar
107Kissa e Zehra ZaidiMohsin ZaidiSoldier Bazar
108Komal ZehraAbbas AliSoldier Bazar
109Fatima MaryamSyed Muhammad Abbas ZaidiSoldier Bazar
110Bisma FatimaSyed Qasim Husssain KazmiSoldier Bazar
111Mehar FatimaMuhammad SadiqSoldier Bazar
112Masooma EjazEjaz HussainGulistan e Johar
113Samina EjazEjaz HussainGulistan e Johar
114Syeda Lubna ZainabSyed Lal ShahGulistan e Johar
115Syeda Aiman RizviSyed Qasim Ali RizviSoldier Bazar
116Syeda Nida e ZehraSagheer Abid ZaidiSoldier Bazar
117Zeenat YounusKarbalai Ahmad AliSoldier Bazar
118Batul NoushadNoushad HussainSoldier Bazar
119Sakina Ali RazaAli RazaSoldier Bazar
121Zakia SalmanSyed Muhammad TaqiFB Area
122Tahreem FatimaDilawer HussainSoldier Bazar
123Madiha RazaHassan RazaSoldier Bazar
124Lubna AkhterSyed Mumtaz HussainSoldier Bazar
125Syeda Madiha NaqviSyed Javed HussainGulistan e Johar
126Alina FatimaRazi JafferFB Area
127Masooma BaighumMuhammad DilawarNew Rizvia
128Rooma AkhterSyed Akhter HussainNew Rizvia
129Kashaf RizviHaider Hussain RizviNew Rizvia
130Tasmia RizviIqbal Hussain RizviSoldier Bazar
131Umme ul BaneenTahir AliFB Area
132Syeda Farha FatimaSyed Naseem HaiderNew Rizvia
133Sukaina ArshadSyed Arshad HussainGulistan e Johar
134Hareem ZehraYousuf ZaidiNew Rizvia
135Rida FatimaSyed Razi JaferFB Area
136Syeda Eliya HaiderSyed Haider AliNew Rizvia
137Sarah BatoolSyed Shahnawaz HussainNew Rizvia
138Aiman Fatima RizviSyed Zahid AliFB Area
139Aliza FatimaMohsin RazaFB Area
140Syeda Uriij ZehraSyed Haider Raza JafriNew Rizvia
142Nadia Batool ZehraMuhammad Zaheer HussainNew Rizvia
143Syeda Quratulain ZaidiSyed Asad Ali ZaidiNew Rizvia
144Syeda Shafaq FatimaSyed Zill e mehmood NaqviNew Rizvia
145Farhat ZaidiSyed Naseem HaiderFB Area
147Masooma RizviYawer HussainGulistan e Johar
148Zehra NaqviSyed Naqi ImamGulistan e Johar
149Fatima MehdiSyed Wasi MehdiGulistan e Johar
150Saba MehdiSyed Maqbool AhmadGulistan e Johar
151Syeda Masooma ZehraSyed Amir Hassan KazmiGulistan e Johar
152Syeda Anum FatimaRaza Abbas RizviNew Rizvia
154Beena ZehraSyed Nasir AbbasFB Area
156Bint e ZehraMuhammad Naseem RizviFB Area
157Syeda Fatima ZehraSyed Waqar HaiderFB Area
158Khushbakht ZehraSyed Raza HussainFB Area
159Tehseen ZehraSyed Hamid HussainNew Rizvia
160Subuhi ZehraSyed Hamid HussainNew Rizvia
161Maryam MujtabaSyed Muhammad MujtabaGulistan e Johar
162Maham FatimaRafaqat HussainGulistan e Johar
163Salma RazaSyed Ali RazaFB Area
164Fizza ZehraMeraj RizviGulistan e Johar
165Hassan Fatima KazmiSyed Muhammad Shah KazmiGulistan e Johar
166Syeda Ismat un NisaSyed Sibte Ahmad RizviFB Area
167Hussain Fatima KazmiSyed Muhammad Shah KazmiGulistan e Johar
168Nuzhat FatimaLakta e HassanGulistan e Johar
169Marium RizviSyed Muhammad IftikharNew Rizvia
170Batool ZehraMuhammad AliNew Rizvia
171Shazia BaqarSyed Muhaamed BaqarNew Rizvia
172Batool ZehraSyed Hussain AhmadNew Rizvia
173Gul MehdiSyed Zeeshan MehdiNew Rizvia
174Syeda Nousheen ZehraSyed Abbas RazaSoldier Bazar
175Naseem SalmanMehboob AliNew Rizvia
176Samina QasimBaqar Nawaz saeedFB Area
177Sabeen FatimaFB Area
178Nighat ZehraSyed Zafar HasnainSoldier Bazar
179Khadija SaleemSaleem Uz ZamanGulistan e Johar
180Syeda Riffat BatoolSyed Iftikhar HussainFB Area
181Zehra SaeedSyed Saeed MustafaSoldier Bazar
182Safa MoosaShah Murtaza MoosaSoldier Bazar
183Syeda Saba HassanSyed Ali Haider KazmiFB Area
184Hira FatimaKazim RazaFB Area
185Naba JafriSyed Wali Haider JafriFB Area
186Abida JaffarJafar RazaNew Rizvia
187Marghoob FatimaJafar RazaNew Rizvia
189Shan e ZehraSyed Zakir HussainSoldier Bazar
190Syeda Dur e Malika RizviSyed Jawad ul HassanGulistan e Johar
271Laila MalikMalik Allah DittaFB Area
272Mahreen MalikMalik Allah DittaFB Area
275Sadia NazirSoldier Bazar
276Zehra BatoolGouhar AghaFB Area
276Syeda Seema RazaSyed Saleem RazaNew Rizvia
281Mahrukh ZehraSyed Gohar AbbasNew Rizvia
282Fatima BatoolSyed Amjad Ali ShahNew Rizvia
301Najma HasanSyed Akhter HussainNew Rizvia
302Uzma SohailSyed Ali RazaNew Rizvia
303Malika NazZulfiqar AbbasFB Area
304Syeda Aiman HassanSyed Shaida HassanNew Rizvia
305Syeda Sajida ZiaSyed Iftikhar HussainNew Rizvia
306Syeda Mariam HasanSyed Altaf AbbasNew Rizvia
307Mehwish ZaidiSyed Riaz MehdiNew Rizvia
308Perveen SarfrazQamar AbbasNew Rizvia
309Dua e ZehraSarfraz AlamNew Rizvia
310Kulsoom Faheem AbbasSyed Sarwar HussainNew Rizvia
311Shaham ZehraHassan Ahmad jafriGulistan e Johar
312Alina KulsoomSyed Alamtab MuzammilNew Rizvia
313Rida Fatima KhanQaisar Abbas KhanNew Rizvia
314Syeda Fatima BatoolSyed Furqan HussainNew Rizvia
316Masooma RazaSyed Naeem RazaGulistan e Johar
316Maryum Qaisar KhanQaisar Abbas KhanNew Rizvia
317Syeda Aiman ZehraSyed Haider AbbasFB Area
318Syeda Sarwar ZehraSyed Zaki ul HassanGulistan e Johar
320Gulrukh ZehraNew Rizvia
321Syeda Farwa BatoolSyed Muhammad ZakiGulistan e Johar
322Syeda Midhat FatimaSyed Mujahid HussainGulistan e Johar
323Syeda Samra BatoolSyed Intekhab KazmiSoldier Bazar
324Sarah BatoolAthar HussainNew Rizvia
325Mehnaz FatimaNajmul HassanGulistan e Johar
326Kiran AbbasSyed Shujat HussainFB Area
327Farwa AbbasSyed Raza HussainFB Area
329Ambreen FatimaSyed Qaisar HussainNew Rizvia
332Anum AghaAgha NasirGulistan e Johar
333Sani e ZehraAli Bin Hamid ZaidiFB Area
334Saeeda Ahmad AliAhmad AliFB Area
335Syeda Tarab batoolSyed Taqi HaiderNew Rizvia
335Moazzama BatoolMehboob AliNew Rizvia
336Asma ZaidiSyed Tehzeeb ul hassanSoldier Bazar
338Najma RizviSyed Noor razaFB Area
339Syeda Um e Aiman AbidiSyed Ayaz AbidiNew Rizvia
341Zehra AbbasSadiq HussainSoldier Bazar
342Qurat ul Ain ZiaidSyed Shakil HaiderFB Area
343Syeda Narjis FatimaSyed Muhammad HaiderFB Area
344Samina Zehra NaqviPervez Shaid NaqviFB Area
345Syeda Rida RizviSyed Safdar HussainGulistan e Johar
346Saira RizviSyed Shanshah Hassain RizviGulistan e Johar
347Syed Erum FatimaSyed Anwar KhalilFB Area
348Ambreen FatimaHassan Raza JafriGulistan e Johar
349Syeda Tanveer ZehraSyed Mujahid HussainFB Area
352Syeda Tehreem ZehraSyed Muhammad AbbasFB Area
353Raeel Fatima RizviMohsin RazaGulistan e Johar
354Syeda Aliya KamranSyed Kamran AliGulistan e Johar
356Syeda Anam SajjadSyed Sajjad HaiderFB Area
357Hurmnat e ZehraAhsan Ali SyedGulistan e Johar
359Umm e AbihaAhsan BasitFB Area
360Sundus ZehraMuhammad AliNew Rizvia

Male Candidate

201Ammar HussainSyed Jawwad HussainSoldier Bazar
202Syed Asad AbbasSyed Dildar AbbasSoldier Bazar
203Mustafa HassanMuhammad HassanSoldier Bazar
205Muhammad MurtazaShoukat AliSoldier Bazar
206Muhammad HassanHaider AliSoldier Bazar
208ShujaSardar AliSoldier Bazar
209Haider ZakiZaki AhmedSoldier Bazar
210Syed Aun Haider RizviSyed Aun Haider RizviGulistan e Johar
212Hamza HaiderImtiaz HaiderGulistan e Johar
213Shan Muhammad JafriSyed Miraj ul HassanSoldier Bazar
214Syed Salman Raza NaqviSyed Muhammad NaqviGulistan e Johar
215AqeelHassan AliNew Rizvia
216Abid RazaAli RazaFB Area
217Syed Muhammad HassanSyed Iftikhar MuhammadNew Rizvia
218Syed Kumail MehdiSyed Tafveez MehdiSoldier Bazar
220Syed Shabeeh AhmadSyed Muhammad ShahFB Area
221Syed Muhammad Ali MohsinSyed Shahid HaiderNew Rizvia
222Syed Auj Ali ZaidiSyed Muhammad SalmanNew Rizvia
223Syed Hamza MehdiSyed Yousuf MehdiNew Rizvia
224Syed Kumail HaiderSyed Nadeem Mian ZaidiSoldier Bazar
225Manzar HussainSarwar HussainSoldier Bazar
228Syed Muhammad Murtaza AbbasSyed Asim AbbasFB Area
229Syed Khawar Abbas ZaidiSyed Iftikhar HaiderFB Area
230Asad Abbas ZaidiSyed Abdul HassanNew Rizvia
231Syed Munir MuntaziriMuhammad Yousuf MintaziriFB Area
232Sohail AbbasMuhammad SaleemGulistan e Johar
233Syed Muhammad Jari AbbasDilawar HussainSoldier Bazar
234Muhammad Irtiza HussainSarfraz AlamNew Rizvia
235Muhammad ShayanMuhammad HussainFB Area
236Hassan RazaAjaz HussainSoldier Bazar
237Muhammad SaeedMuhammad YousufSoldier Bazar
239Kamran HaiderMoosa KhanGulistan e Johar
240Shahbaz AfzalGulistan e Johar
241Kumail ShahIsmailGulistan e Johar
242Syed Muhammad HamayoonSyed Asif RazaGulistan e Johar
244Syed Ali AmeerSyed Amir HaiderFB Area
245Syed Safdar HussainSyed Yawar HussainSoldier Bazar
246Ali SajjadShuja Ul HassanNew Rizvia
247Syed M Zia AbbasSyed Raza Hussain ZaidiFB Area
249Syed Khurram RazaSyed Takseer HaiderGulistan e Johar
250Muhammad AliZahid AliSoldier Bazar
251Muhammad MehdiAltaf HussainSoldier Bazar
252Syed Asad Murtaza ZaidiSyed Afzal HussainGulistan e Johar
253Mohsin AbbasAkhter AbbasFB Area
254Waqar HussainNadeem HussainFB Area
255Imtiaz AskariMuhammad ZakiSoldier Bazar
256Qasim KazmiSyed Tawenger Sultan KazmiFB Area
257Syed Muhammad Ali RazaRasheed HussainFB Area
258Syed Qalb e RazaSyed Ali AbbasFB Area
259Syed Muhammad AbidiSyed Muhammad Waqar AbidiSoldier Bazar
260Syed Muhammad Ali AsadSyed Ali Bin HamidFB Area
261Shahbaz Ali AbidiSyed Hussain AbidiSoldier Bazar
262Syed Mustafa SultanSyed Murtaza SultanGulistan e Johar
263Sajjad AliMuhammad AliFB Area
264Arif AliHassan AliSoldier Bazar
265Rafiq AliDost AliGulistan e Johar
266Syed Muhammad AliSyed Ehsan AliGulistan e Johar
267Sajjad HussainAli MuhammadGulistan e Johar
268Arbaz KhanHafeez Ullah KhanGulistan e Johar
269Mohsin AghaGauhar AghaFB Area
270Syed Jafar AbbasSyed Dilawar AbbasFB Area

Waiting List

219Syed Muhammad MeasumSyed Muhammad JamalFb Area
243Syed Naqi RazaSyed Muhammad NasirFb Area
248Muhammad AhsanMuhammad Naseem RizviFb Area
273Rida ZehraZaighum AbbasFb Area
337Syeda Farhana AbbasSyed Zamir Hassan ZaidiFb Area